angelique ballhaus

Art by Angélique Ballhaus

My name is Angélique Ballhaus, born in the Netherlands (Voorburg) and currently living and working in Rotterdam. In 2002 I obtained my diplomas at the Dutch Make-up Artist School; make-up en special effects. Then I trained as a professional, face and body painting. After years of practicing the classical figurative with many details, I continued to broaden my artistic horizon and I switched more and more to the abstract, in which I can express more my emotions and feelings. I have also been working as a professional photographer for years and have my own photo studio in Rotterdam. In my art, both artistic professions come together and form a unique concept!

angelique op art stoel

This original and exclusive ART!

 After a long search, I found the right angle of view to realize my ideas.
 And I’m proud of the unique result!

The longer you look at my art the more you see and discover in it!

art by angelique ladder

Looking for a work of art in a special color or different format?

Please feel free to contact me, because NOT all my artworks are on this website.

portret angelique op stoel